DreamHackathon Materials Reimagined is the fourth installment in the DreamHackathon series. DreamHackathon is a hackathon / game-jam focusing on getting people from the industry, students and all the rest to meet in a creative way and make awesome things together. Some have found their future employer, others have started companies and some have just had the best hackathon experience they ever had. This time we are going back to where DreamHackathon started, DreamHack Stockholm 2015, 25th - 26th of September. Participate in teams armed with the coolest tech and the greatest skills to produce the creative results within the 24 hour time frame. We are inviting the giants from the hardware and software industry, prepare for a really good time!

The theme is "Materials Reimagined". We are continously presenting a jury we deem worthy the power of giving out 50.000 SEK in prize pool! DreamHackathon is brought to you in collaboration with DICE - the swedish gaming studio behind the popular Battlefield (tm) series and Mirror's Edge (tm).

How to get there?
Read it in entirety in the FAQ but in short:
- Globe Arenas, Stockholm.

Subway station "Globen"

In order to participate in this competition each participant needs to apply through our application system. You have to be at least 18 years old in order to be part of this event. Make sure you read our policies and terms (found in the footer). You find the application form here: DreamHackathon Application Form

How does it work? You apply with the form, get a confirmation email and then you have the ability to get your DreamHack+DreamHackathon ticket with extreme discount. When you turn up at the event you’ll get served great food, the ability to network with similar people and try out our partners hardware and software! Make sure you keep yourself up to date with the partners we have!

Be on time! Participants that are not present during the final registration at the site will be disqualified. Also, entries that are not submitted on time after the ending signal will be disqualified. When the horn sounds “close/lock your screens” is in effect.

You will have to have a team consisting of 1-5 team members. If you’re not applying to the competition as a team you will have the same chance to find a team at the site - team activities will be present. The organizers reserve their right to assign team members to a team in extreme circumstances.

You may only submit (present) your own work, not someone else's. Anyone in the team may submit the final result. We will not judge work done by someone else but you or your team.

If you submit something, you have to be present at the party, a tip is to think about the presentation from the start (which actually got its own critera and is also judged toward the prize pool).

Testing of the projects with stage equipment will be done during a dedicated time slot with your own devices.

Any kind of content that violates Swedish law will be disqualified. Any content that violates our policies may be subjected to disqualification.

Entries may contain third-party content as long as you have a legal license to use the given content. So no ripped music, no movie snippets, no closeups of trademarked logos, etc. Please do mind that DreamHack may also provide material allowed to be used during the event.

To preserve the spirit of the contest we reserve our right to kick teams out of the competition whenever a team show bad sportsmanship, try to cheat or upright steal material from others.

Competing entries may not have been released before. To ensure a leveled field for all contestants, all code, design, art, music, SFX, and assets that YOU want to work toward the prizes, must be created during the duration of the Hackathon. We want to ensure that all participants start off on the same footing and we also want to preserve the true nature of a hackathon. The results you are COMPETING with cannot be created beforehand. Example: A new level in an already existing game is okay, but remember that content not created at the hackathon will not help you toward the prize.

The judges will always have the final say, their decisions cannot be overruled or changed.

All shown entries may be spread. DreamHackathon, DreamHack or its partners do not own any code you’ve created but we reserve the right to expose it to the public as a competing entry in this competition.

You must be at least 18 years old in order to participate.

DreamHackathon Collaboration is guided by criteria which the jury will rate in context of. The best over-all rating will receive the grand first prize.

Criteria Description
Each project will be rated in terms of several criteria. Each criteria will count toward a separate prize. DreamHackathon is about having fun together and it’s the overall impression that makes the longest lasting one!
  • Best Sound Experience - refers to the overall thoughtful design of the sound experience of the product. Does it have to be audible? No, having no sound could add to the sound experience.
  • Best Visual Experience - refers to the visual thinking behind the product. Simple, complex, digital created, drawn or in what way does not matter - the context of the visuals do.
  • Best Execution - refers to the complete experience of the product. The mechanic, design, presentation and the idea of delivering.
  • Most original idea - refers to the core of the product. An idea that innovate its area or combine old knowledge to new unseen designs are highlighted with this criteria.

Find the full schedule here: DreamHackathon Schedule

During DreamHackathon we are handing out several prizes based on the criteria and some additional sweet happenings. We want everyone to have the best time ever! Please remember that we are aiming for the best athmosphere and we might sneak up with more awesome support for people that stay awesome!
  • Best Sound Experience - 22.5% of prize pool
  • Best Visual Experience - 22.5% of prize pool
  • Best Execution - 22.5% of prize pool
  • Most original idea - 22.5% of prize pool
  • Participant's choice - 10% of prize pool

Provided at the venue
We will provide wi-fi for all participants and position as many ethernet switches we possibly can to the different tables. Please note that you may want to bring an ethernet cable or get one at DreamStore! Each table will also get a minimum of 3 power cord slots.


DreamHackathon is all about making it possible for as many as possible to enjoy the projects created. During the presentations, we allow one person on stage talking (and if you need people for e.g multi-user project, it is ok) and as many as you need off-stage. We are trying to cover every possible device input to enable the participants to concentrate on the 3-minute presentations. During DreamHackathon there will be two parallel connection stations, while one is in use the next team can prepare their presentation on the second. The setup will enable connections such as hdmi, display port and digital signals with adapters. Bring your own adapters to be 100% sure it will work!

Connection types:
  • HDMI (and various adapters such as DVI)
  • IMPORTANT: 720p is the accepted resolution - 50Hz. The mixer will not with 100% certainty accept anything else.